Friday, August 4, 2006

i got kicked out of ikea for swearing

Current mood:giggly
ok, here's what had happened...
i spent like 4 hours ordering and waiting on components of a wardrobe that i had already picked out online. the main reason i wanted it was bc of the shoe racks. then they finally get it out to me and they tell me the shoe racks are not in so i will have to either get a refund or come back for the shoe racks later.
so, it's not at all like i even got angry. i wasn't like, 'you fucking fuckers! eat my shit you juice-sucking bitch whores!' at all. i was really calm, actually, but swearing is such a part of my everyday lingo. i was just like, 'oh no, this sucks. i really wanted the shoe racks and now it's just a shitty mess. and i've been here all damn day.'
then i got kicked out by security for 'taking it to the next level'. i even laughed when i said, 'oh my god, are you kicking me out?'
i just took my refund and left. in hindsight, i wish i had then gotten my money's worth and then said, 'ok, you're kicking me out? then fuck you, fuck you, yeah, fuck you too fat whore, fuck your uncle, uncle fucker, you're a bitch troll, and oh yeah, you in the back, suck my ass you chicken-fried sack licker.'
but no, that was for me to think up and crack up about later. man, it's more recent than i would like to admit, but it's been a while since i got kicked out of anywhere. fucking swedes. oh yeah, you vikings have never offended anyone. just stay out of my way and out of the sunlight, fucking pale-ass motherfuckers.
in other news, i am thinking of starting a swear jar for thor's college fund. i gotta cut this shit out. hell.