Wednesday, November 7, 2007

As if things weren't scary enough...

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Time for the fall picture flood.
Here's Thor rocking out to Spoon at the Echo Music Project. I really don't know how he was born knowing the exact appropriate way to act in every live music situation, it's a little creepy...
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This is where I was pretending to be one of those awesome Moms who takes her toddler up into the mountains to a pumpkin patch. Any guesses on where it was really taken?
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Yeah, he only has the one shirt.
Then we carved pumpkins and he whined the whole time so I made his a whiny face.
So the big day came and I dressed Thor up like a burglar.
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But the stocking was too tight, so I took it off and he was a beat poet the rest of the night.

Also Suzie was staying with us that night and her Mom put her in costume as well.
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Suzie's costume is far superior to Thor's and is a direct reflection of quality of parenting.
In other news, Connie is coming along nicely, but as it turns out CONNIE IS A BOY! But I have yet to come up with a new fetal nickname for him that has really stuck. Suggestions? The nicks I have used so far are Genghis, Hercules, Conrad, and Fiasco, but none of them have stuck.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI love that image bc it's all shady and of poor quality, like it was taken in some scene out of The Deer Hunter or something. Anyway, love y'all, keep in touch...