Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Cute Halloween Pictures

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An Open Letter From Thor to the Children of East Lake
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Hey punks,
Yeah, my Mom dressed me as a chicken. WHAT. Least you can tell what I am. What the hell are you supposed to be? You got a black triangle painted on your head and a cape. What are you? Dracula? Batman? Shit.
And you, I think you're supposed to be Buzz Lightyear. Why do I think this? Because you have Buzz Lightyear on your shirt. But think about it, man. Does Buzz Lightyear wear a shirt with a picture of himself on it? Fuck no. Get off my lawn.
Hang on, here comes the cat.
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And another thing... So what if my Mom picked out all the Special Darks? Today and every day, bitches!
(Dictated personally but signed during naptime)
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