Wednesday, May 16, 2007


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The rules are: once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with ten weird, random things, facts or habits about yourself. At the end you choose ten people to be tagged, list their names, and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave them a comment that says, "you are tagged" on their profile and tell them to read your latest blog! And no tag backs!
1- I can whistle as well breathing in as breathing out.
2-I say the word "Ow" all the time even if it is not an accurate descriptor of what I am feeling. Sometimes I say ow when I itch. But in all fairness I do get a lot of weird random pain for no apparent reason.
3-I have no idea what the deal is with solid food. Can someone please tell me? Please? He seems to be able to eat whatever I give him but I feel like I'm still supposed to be making him baby food and it would be weird to just make him a little dish of the shrimp fra diavolo I made for dinner tonight. Do I put it in a blender? What?
4-I did a report on the Holocaust when I was ten years old and the strange fascination has never really abated. I took a class on genocide in college. I am constantly vigilant around trains. I visited a concentration camp on my first visit to Europe. It was later turned into a Stalinist work camp. Neat.
5- So. Fucking. Scared. Of. Heights.
6-I am still trying to figure out the technicalities of cremation and Catholicism, i.e. can you drag your charred ass across the pearly gates or no? But, if no, I decided a long time ago that I want to be buried in the position I sleep most comfortably in. I sleep on my side with my knees pulled up and clutching a pillow between my arms. Younger siblings, Thor: make it happen.
7- When I was little I used to think things like, "When I am President..." and "When I become a movie star..." and I still consciously have those thoughts. Man, it's never too late.
8- "Little House on the Prarie" is one of my top five favorite shows of all times and I have the first 2 seasons on DVD. I would have them all if I had some money. I could do a lot of things if I had some money.
9- I don't actually like children. I'm learning to cope because I love Thor Thorsson so much, and of course none of what I'm saying here applies to him, but no, children are not my cup of tea. At all. But I think I'm getting better at it. Maybe some day I will teach a class on Child Appreciation, like they have Art Appreciation for people who don't get it. "Learn how I manage to smile, clap, sing, and not beat anyone when trapped with disobedient little urchins I am supposed to for some reason agree are cute with their shrill voices and underdeveloped senses of humor and taste. You can too!"
10- Wanna hear me play some Maiden on my bass? For your sake you should decline but I can do it.
The 10 people I chose to tag are:

1. Liza - I know how you love to discuss yourself.

2. Margaret -- Consider it payback for all the junk you do to me via email. Also I just recently discovered what a funny and interesting adult you have become.

3. Dawg -- Sorry, has to be done, you haven't blogged in a century.

4. Rob - You do this every day or so, why not do ten at once?

5. Block - I love your blogs, they are so funny. I challenge you to the above plus make each of the ten items something you are angry about.

6. Spencer -- Everything you say is pure gold. And you never blog.

7. Blayne -- I haven't heard from you in forever! Come on, man.

8. Freddy -- I want to see if you are still evolving into a sassy black woman.

9. SB -- You know why.

10. John Hill -- I don't think you complied with Christine's initial tag, so get busy. I also challenge you to include Suzie in each of your ten things.