Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy 2008 Liner Notes

Printing and cutting liner notes and cramming them into CD cases is a bitch. This year they are available electronically only. If this upsets you, you can either buy me a cutcraft from that neverending as seen on tv commercial, or you can print and cut this blog out yourself.
1. "Straight Heat" by EdIT, from Certified Air Raid Material.
2. "Casting Agents and Cowgirls" by Busdriver, from Roadkill Overcoat. In case you never visited my myspace page in the 8 months I had it posted as my song. Sorry, busy.
3. "You Are a Runner and I am My Father's Son" by Wolf Parade, from Apologies to the Queen Mary.
4. "Imitosis" by Andrew Bird, from Armchair Apocrypha. When I heard the chick on Album 88 pronounce it "appo-grippa" I realized how little my accomplishments at Georgia State mean.
5. "Party Fears Two" by Divine Comedy, from Victory for the Comic Muse. This is the gayest song I have ever heard. It is so gay I can't even imagine gay people listening to it unless they were perhaps in a circus being exploited somehow. So I really didn't have a choice but to share it.
6. "Silently" by Blonde Readhead, from 23. This song makes me think of the new baby. "Quietly... I drop my weight int your sea, I drop my anchor. I sway in your waves. I sing in your sleep. I stay til I'm in your life."
7. "Common People" by Pulp, from Different Class. An oldie, but it re-caught my attention earlier this year and I thought it was worth sharing.
8. "Caroline Visar Vagen" by Dungen, from Tio Bitar. YAY! New Dungen!
9. "The Funeral" by Band of Horses, from Everything all the Time. It was hard for me to put this song on the CD because it feels like someone is punching me in the heart when I hear it, but it's just too good for me to leave off.
10. "She Do" by Pimps of Joytime, from High Steppin'. This sounds like it could have been the authentic predecessor of G Love and Special Sauce if it had not come like 15 years later. I enjoy the lo-fi sound anyway.
11. "Spring Hall Convert" by Deerhunter, from Cryptograms. Good for you, local band.
12. "Restorative Beer" by the Fiery Furnaces, from Widow City. I hated this band in concert, but this is a concept that hit home with me. Plus I hear that they are very up and coming. They're all over the media for some reason. Perhaps the hipsters could verify for me.
13. "Ruby" by Kaiser Chiefs, from Yours Truly, Angry Mob. I heard this song for the first time this morning. Bam. I enjoyed that the hook is almost a direct rip-off of "All That She Wants is Another Baby" by Ace of Bass.
14. "Brown Skin" by India Arie, from Acoustic Soul. This song cracks me up to no end. I know it is supposed to be this super sultry thing, but I sing it to Thor all the time. Come on.
15. "Anasthesia - Pulling Teeth" by Metallica, from Kill 'Em All. I HATE Metallica, but this is only their dead bassist, so it's ok. This is one bass. Take one. I have loved this forever, finally decided to share.
Hope you enjoy, Happy New Year y'all!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

sunshine and lollipops

Current mood:sick
I have pneumonia.
I have to put my dog down in the next week or so.
When will this stupid fucking year be over? SHIT.
Anyway, I need all the world to know this: If you are ever really, really sick and you feel like dying, you can't breathe, you can't sleep, your head is pounding, your eyes are burning and popping out of your head... when you have reached the point of utter desperation... just before you roll over and give up...
Eat a whole clove of garlic, raw. No salt, no oil, no cooking it, no bread. Don't make a shooter out of it, even with just water, it won't work. You have to peel it, and then bite off chunks at a time, chew them up, suck the juice out, and swallow it. All of it.
It will put hair on your chest and it will make you stink like all hell for a day or so, it even made me throw up, but it will relieve your symptoms. Believe me. I HAVE PNEUMONIA and it worked when Robitussin with codeine could not. Plus it's safe for preggo's, kids, the elderly, etc.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Why I am changing my name to Anna Hausenpfeffer

Current mood:pugnacious
Hell yes. Hell yes.
Yeah it's probably a bad sign when Germany starts restricting religious freedom, but in this case, they are dead on when they say
Check out my favorite bash-those-stupid-fuckers web site:
Now, I'm off to Fargo to see which of my idealistic leftist principles will be destroyed next. Back in a week, be good!