Saturday, September 9, 2006

Thor's Zinger of the Day

Current mood:tired
Me: So, he has to go to this developmental progress clinic to make sure his motor skills are on track for a preemie.
Liza: No, the true test of his motor skills will be how well he does the champagne victory dance.

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Saturday, September 2, 2006

god i could really use a nutty buddy

hey kids! it's been a while, i know. i've been offline for forever because of stupid fucking comcast. yeah, they're now on my "fuck your uncle" list, too, along with the dish and the fucktard that wanted to put a big dish on a pole in the middle of my front yard. but, bitching about those guys is not why i'm here today... i just feel out-of-touch with my pals and need a minute to talk about random bullshit. that and i'm tryina get my mind off this little, uh, infection i got going...
here is one of my favorite moments from the past few weeks... i was sitting at home watching 'Intervention' with Dawg, you know, smoking and drinking, God, isn't it the best show ever? And during the commercial this happened:
Me: I don't know, I'm just not very good at that whole... uh... what's the opposite of self-indulgence?
Dawg: Self-restraint? Control?
Me: yeah, that's it.
Dawg: Yeah, me neither.
Thir is getting big, he's a whopping 14# 12 oz. as of Wednesday, when I took him in to see the doctor for a little cold. Here's some pics... First is him trying to look aloof and cool...
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And here's one where he looks like Marcia Cross... Be proud of your forehead, boy!
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