Monday, March 28, 2011


The first couple of weeks of FitWit, I felt like the guy from this old email joke about the Texas Chili Cookoff. Other people would be like, "oh, tough workout," while I was praying for swift death. Totally different universe.

I Am a Purple Robot

So hey, I never blog any more. Turns out robots aren't that into blogging.

I am proud to say, "I am a ROBOT." As an aside, when my niece Rebekah was about 3, my brother was showing her how your voice sounds funny if you speak into a fan, and he said, "I am a robot," and then she tried and said, "I am a purple robot." Because she was into purple. And so am I.

So, I'm not sure what's happening, and I think it's kind of fun. I've somehow transitioned from having all the time in the world to stress about my weight problem and no time to do anything about it, to working on it very hard every day but not having a lot of time to think or write about it. I mentioned before that I joined an exercise club... it's actually a boot camp, I'm told, but it doesn't really seem like what a boot camp should be. It's comprised of some very nice people. Everyone is really, really supportive and only a little frightened by my giganticism. Anyway, it's called FitWit and today starts my 6th week doing it. Four days a week I go to Decatur High school after work and bust my ass for an hour. The first three weeks or so my legs and knees were in utter torturous pain every minute. I'm starting to feel a lot better. I think I'm actually starting to get into it now. It's still utter torturous pain, but I'm starting to appreciate the daily accomplishment. And I like having my days off sanctioned. It makes me feel better about resting, like it's more deserved. I'm kind of loving it. Yesterday I even did yoga on my off day to try and get some deeper stretching in (at Ashram Wellness). My legs have seriously been toast.

What's going on with my body then? So far not that much. I feel a LOT more capable. I feel a lot stronger, and many of the exercises I struggled with so hard in the beginning are fine now. I wasn't paying much attention to food in the beginning, but I've been watching it more lately, especially since I decided to get kind of serious about the food challenge. I would imagine I've lost about 10 pounds or so. I feel like my clothes might be a tiny bit looser. My breasts are a little smaller. Thanks FitWit!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I ain't even bout to make no damn excuses. Time is the only issue.

I'm still not smoking.

I joined an exercise club.

I rock out regularly. Even today - score! Monthly Cycle debuted at Wonderroot with its highest attendance ever! Woot!

Plus I got measured for body fat in a hydrostatic tank today. Who else can say that? So anyway, it turns out I'm a big fat whale. But the good news is that I have like an extreme incredible amount of muscle under all this shit. So my goal weight is higher than I ever would have imagined! Weird. I'm so fucking ripped.

It's on.