Thursday, January 18, 2007

one more i forgot

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Oh yeah, resolution 11 is that I HAVE TO learn how to use the stupid bluetooth thing that came with my cell phone. I am just not getting anything done. I know they look horrible and stupid, but it just has to be done. Has to. No progress has been made on the other ten. Except of course #5 (lasagne). High five.
Freaking Deadly Lasagne
10 lasagne noodles
1 pound italian sausage (get turkey instead of pork! it's healthier!)
(pause for laughter)
pint of heavy cream
1/2 bag frozen spinach
3 T flour
1 container ricotta cheese
1 pound mozzarella cheese, shredded
1 egg
1 cup parmesan cheese
1 small container sun-dried tomatoes (in olive oil), minced (or a small jar of s.d. tomato pesto)
Boil the noodles for 10 minutes and then toss them in the sun-dried tomatoes. Spread the remaining tomatoes in the bottom of the pan. Brown the italian sausage in a skillet. Add the flour and cook until it no longer looks like flour. Add the cream and enough milk to almost completely cover the sausage. Get it going and then add the spinach. Cook until it becomes a very creamy gravy, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. In a separate bowl, combine ricotta, egg, and 1/2 the parmesan. Lay 5 noodles in the pan to cover the bottom. Then spread 1/2 the ricotta mixture over the noodles. Then spread 1/2 the gravy mixture over that. Then sprinkle 1/2 the mozzarella over that. Repeat the 4 layers. Top off with remaining parmesan. Bake at 375 for 35 minutes. Mmm! Damn!
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