Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh hey there

Hi! I haven't blogged in almost a year! Neat!

I've been meaning to, though, for reals.

You might think that like so many others, so many times before, I just fell off the wagon and never got back on. To the contrary! I got so busy getting sexy that I never had time to blog! Seriously. I've lost somewhere between 60 and 70 pounds over the last 14 months, and I just couldn't be more pleased. I'm still doing fitwit, and still trying to eat Paleo. The Whole 30 was a massive FAIL, though, I have to admit. The reason I cannot do whole 30 is because it's too much of a mind fuck. One of the many, many rules of whole 30 is that if you slip up, you have to start over from Day 1. That's just insane. So here's what would happen: I would eat a bunch of garbage for about a week before starting Whole 30. This, in my small, crippled foodmind was necessary because of the 30 days of utter deprivation staring me in the face. So then I would get to, at best, Day 9 of 30. Inevitably something would happen and I just couldn't control myself and I would drink a beer or shove a ho-ho in my face or SOMETHING. Yes, I'm weak and pathetic, Melissa and Dallas. I've also been known to start dancing in public places and have sex before marriage. It's called joi de vivre, people. Look into it. So then, bam, I'm back on Day 1. But you know what? Day 1 is scary as a mofo. There are 29 more after that one. So instead of jumping back on the wagon, which is totally, totally necessary, I would go back to eating a bunch of garbage in preparation for Day 1. For at least 3 days, sometimes a week, and then at some point I reckon I just gave the fuck up on Whole 30. If you can do Whole 30, you totally should, and I admire you for it. I cannot. It is bad for me.

The 30 Day Song Challenge
(Well heck yeah! I can pick this back up right where I left off if I want to!)
Day 18: A Song That You Wished You Heard on the Radio

I never hear any of the songs I really love on the radio, generally speaking. Or, I hear it once on the radio, instantly fall in love with it, the CIA notices it in my iTunes account, then calls all the radio stations and tells them to destroy their copies of it. Anyway, I kinda wish I was hearing this on the radio right now.

"Casting Agents and Cowgirls" by Busdriver

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