Saturday, December 17, 2005


At the end of October, I went camping with my buddy Bridget. We had a great time. We slept in a log. We killed a bear with a bow and arrow we made out of things we found in the woods. We drank filthy water.
Actually, we had a comfortable tent that Bridget rented from GSU, and we slept with a bunch of other camping parties in a pretty nice facility near Ellijay. The facility was called Bear Creek, so needless to say we drank bottled water.
Here is a picture of us getting on the road.
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We took my three dogs and they absolutely loved it. They got to run free and scare the living fuck out of other campers. The first picture is of my beautiful Chibi Chee, affectionately referred to as the killing machine.
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Here is a picture of Chibi and Astrid, the Doberman.
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Here is stupid little LoJack, who I had to keep on a tie-out much of the time because he tried to start shit with a neighboring Boxer.
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These are three rough looking bitches.

The next day we went hiking and saw this big-ass tree. It is the second largest tree in Georgia, I think. It is called the Gannett Poplar. Here is a picture of Bridget having a hippie moment.
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