Saturday, December 17, 2005

unborn conjoined myslexic fetal squirrel, baby

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OK, haven't blogged for quite a while, sorry. The reason is that I have so many great pictures of everything I want to blog about, but I just now got my technology straight. So, here we go...
First topic of interest: the squirrel. This fall, a squirrel with an unborn conjoined myslexic fetal twin hanging off its shoulder came to live on my deck. It freaked the living fuck out of all of us. God, it was fucking horrible. There were like two little segments to it - a head nub and a little body with appendages that wiggled when it moved. It was like a horrible omen of things to come that never wound up coming but still scared us shitless.
So, for many days I stalked it, trying to get a picture of it, and then one day it just disappeared. Maybe it got done eating my herbs and just took off; maybe it got run over. Who can say? It just vanished.
The good news is that my brother made a visual representation of it out of this little delftware hedgehog that we had lying around the kitchen. This will give you some idea of the horror.

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