Saturday, June 3, 2006

once again, thanks

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So my Dad informed me yesterday that oh yes, he's seen recent pictures of my boy. Where? Right here, folks. Yeah. My brother directed my Dad to my space. Awesome.
Once upon a time this was a place where I could scope hotties. Now it is a place where my family can read my blog.
So here you go, fam. Give the people what they want.
First, here is a picture that shows conclusively why men should never ever wear shorts. Guys, this is the cutest you will ever look in shorts. Seriously. Stop it. I know it's hot out there but come on. No more shorts. Please. Stop. For real.
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Next up, here is a really recent picture that I took on a spree when he was looking super cute. Then I realized that there was spit-up stains everywhere as he had been spitting up all night. Awwww. Today was one of our grossest days together. I won't go into why. Let's just say if the lightning from tonight's massive thunderstorm had hit my shirt we might have created new life of some sort.
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So we took a bath. Here he is nice and clean.
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Oh yeah and I bought a house. And an ipod.

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